Our Work

The Newark City of Learning Collaborative (NCLC) is a citywide post-secondary attainment initiative that seeks to increase the percentage of Newark residents who hold degrees, certificates, and other high quality credentials to 25% by the year 2025. This initiative works to expand residents’ access to opportunities to complete college and other high quality credentials. NCLC is a network that consists of 60 partners, representative of a cross-section of stakeholders, including higher education institutions, local government, corporations, foundations, and non-profit and community-based organizations. NCLC’s ultimate aim is to sustain a human capital strategy that will lead to a more economically vibrant city for Newark residents.

NCLC Strategic Priorities
In an effort to reach the 25% by 2025 target and maximize the network’s impact, the collaborative will focus on four strategic priority areas:

  1. College Pathway Programs: Incubate innovative and replicable models to ensure the successful transition to and through college
  2. Alignment of NCLC Partners: Build upon efforts to maximize the value of the network
  3. Data Infrastructure: Develop a system that tracks the city’s progress in meeting the 2025 goal
  4. Communications: Raise NCLC’s visibility, elevate accomplishments of network partners, mobilize and engage the community to expand the college going culture
Guiding Teams: Partners support the NCLC agenda by contributing to five guiding teams.