Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Newark City of Learning Collaborative?
The Newark City of Learning Collaborative (NCLC) is an ambitious effort to contribute to Newark’s economic vibrancy by increasing the number of residents with education or skills training beyond high school. Education is a key component to improving the overall wellbeing of people and the places where they live.
NCLC is a network comprised of partners from all aspects of public life, including higher education institutions, local government, corporations, foundations, and non-profit and community-based organizations.
The Network’s goal is for 25 percent of Newark’s residents to have post-secondary education or skills training by 2025. Ultimately, this will strengthen Newarkers’ ability to compete for good, stable jobs.
How do the partners work toward the goal?
Partners support this goal by working in five Guiding Teams:

  • College Readiness & Success: Coordinates the efforts of college prep and education experts to increase the number of students who are prepared to succeed in college
  • Internships, Scholarships, and Student Supports: Develops and expands opportunities for early career exposure, college affordability, and ongoing student supports
  • Post-Secondary Degrees, Certificates, and High-Quality Credentials: Helps remove institutional obstacles for residents to obtain post-secondary credentials
  • Adult Learners and Workforce Development: Devises an ongoing citywide strategy to increase opportunities for adults to acquire the credentials needed to compete for jobs in high-growth employment sectors
  • Data, Research, and Development: Supports network efforts to track and monitor the city’s progress in reaching post-secondary milestones

Why does Newark need NCLC?
For a city to fully thrive, all of its people must thrive. This is why NCLC is working to enable many more Newark residents to reap the benefits of recent and future economic development in the city. We’re expanding the college-going culture and opening doors to other post-high school education and training.
Why 25% by 2025?
The City of Newark’s Master Plan outlines a post-secondary attainment goal of 25% by 2025. NCLC answers the call by galvanizing resources in support of this bold endeavor.
What are some recent accomplishments?
NCLC launched two innovative college pathway initiatives to help Newark students transition to and through college. Each program is a multi-year pathway for high school students to take advantage of the academic and social-emotional supports that can lead to a brighter future.  Students experience the programs in groups that stay together throughout high school, creating inclusive and positive learning communities with support from attentive mentors along the way. They meet in Saturday Academies that take place twice per month at Rutgers University-Newark.
Is Newark alone?
NCLC is part of the Lumina Foundation’s nationwide effort to meet this country’s growing need for talent. Their goal is for 60% of Americans to hold degrees, certificates, or other high-quality post-high school credentials by 2025. Success means over 40 million young men and women will have what they need to build a strong future for themselves and their communities.